Worison – Unkechaug Whaler


Worison (also known as Warishone or Waishone) was an Unkechaug Indian who lived in the 17th century.



Worison lived on the western edge of Watchogue, a neck of land at East Moriches, Brookhaven Town. His home was likely on a neck of land now called Mamanok (located between Mattuck Brook and Pomiches Creek)

Worison was a kinsman and endorser of land transactions led by Sachem Mahue/Mayhew of the Unkechaug.

Among several other Unkechaug whalers, Worison signed a contract with John Cooper and three other Southampton men to hunt whales for two seasons beginning in February 1676. There were twelve men in the crew, six in each whaleboat. They agreed to launch the boats as soon as whales were spotted. The Unkechaug Indians agreed to butcher the carcass, try out the oil, and pour it into barrels. If they failed to show, they would be fined according to the whaling company’s discretion.

The first whaling crew made up entirely of Unkechaug Indians was influenced by Worison. They signed a contract on February 19, 1679, with Thomas Cooper of Southampton for the 1679-80 season. The crew included an Unkechaug named Weumps, Winecroscum, and others.1

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