Poggatacut, Sachem of the Manhassets of Shelter Island


Poggatacut (ca. 1568 – 1653) was the 17th century sachem of the Manhassets of Shelter Island and elder brother to Montaukett Sachem Wyandanch.

He signed his name “Sachem of Paumonoc” and was also referred to as Youghco, Yoco, and Yovowan.1

In 1648 he was known as Sachem of Shelter Island, and Yokee or Youghco in 1651. His residence was on Sachem’s Neck.2


Poggatacut was the elder brother to Sachem Wyandanch of the Montaukett, and sibling to Sachem Nowedonah of the Shinnecock. Poggatacut also has a wife named Aswaw.3



Birth of Poggatacut


As Long Island’s East End Indian communities were arranging to have closer ties to the English, led by Wyandanch; it was Sachem Poggatacut and his wife Aswaw who signed the deed to Lion Gardiner for Gardiner’s Island in 1639.3


Four long Island tribes band together under Poggatacut, the Sachem before Wyandance.4


Paggatacut (Pogfatacut) was Grand Sachem before Wyandance, and was his elder brother. He was also the Sachem of Curchaug.4


Death of Poggatacut.

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