West Woods

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West Woods is a forty acre beach and woodland area owned by the Shinnecock Tribe. The woodland and beach area is used for contemporary social gatherings, weddings, celebrations, camping, and sweat lodge ceremonies.

In recent times, West Woods has been encroached upon with it’s blurred boundaries. At the start of the 1747 100-year timber lease to the Shinnecock by Southampton Town, the land encompassed one hundred acres.



During a Shinnecock Tribal Meeting, the tribe voted that the tribe defend any one who might be sued for cutting wood in the west woods. 1


Hyde-Belcher-1916-map-1-with-Box West Woods Jeremy Dennis On This Site
Good Ground Northern Region, Published by E. Belcher Hyde Map Co in 1916

The earliest record of West Woods appears in Belcher Hyde’s 1916 map.

1929-Dolph-Stewart-Map-e1489036781253 West Woods Jeremy Dennis On This Site
1929 Dolph Stewart Map

Again in the later 1929 Dolph Stewart map.


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