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On October 3, 1665, the Deed to Hog’s Neck (North Haven) was signed. It read;

“The Shelter Island Indians have this day confirmed the purchase of Hog Neck to Southampton men, forever serving liberty of hunting and fishing and fowling upon same, and have received six Indian coats upon the confirmation thereof. The full satisfaction of all their claims to Southampton men.”

According to William Wallace Tooker, the traditional Algonquian name of Hog’s Neck was “Hoggenoch” which was corrupted to “Hog’s Neck.” Another interpretation is that the early ‘copyists’ thought that “Hog’s Neck” was too crude and created a psudo-Indian name. The name Northhaven became more popular in the early 20th century.

Image: Hog’s Neck (Northhaven) Town Hall.